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Welcome to Balance with Brandon, your partner in achieving mind-body clarity. I am an Ayurvedic lifestyle coach site who uses ancient Indian teachings of Ayurveda to help groups and individuals find balance and harmony in their lives. I specialize in walking clients through the six pillars of Health developed by Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon, which include nutrition, meditation, movement, sleep, emotional well-being, and self-care through tailored rituals designed to make balancing the mind, body, and spirit achievable and relevant.  Let me help you find balance and achieve the stress-free, happy, healthy, fit life you've always wanted!

How it works


Select a Balancing Strategy


Learn Ayurvedic Techniques  and your Dosha type


Create Sustainable Balancing  Rituals


Implement and Assess Your Ritual Plan


Be Impressed by Your Results!

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